Project and Program Management

CSS has a proven track record of delivering the desired and expected results on time and within budget. We realize that it takes a team effort to bring a project to successful completion. Our Project Managers (PM’s) work closely with our clients to define the business needs, requirements, and risks for their programs. Our PM’s also know how to motivate our project teams – we realize that a motivated technically capable team is the fastest most efficient path to success.

CSS managers employ proven work structures and methodologies that give our customers their desired results, such as:

  • Identifying and managing risks from the start of the project
  • Including all stakeholders early in the project – this includes the user community as well as other organizations which will be part of the project, directly or indirectly, such as Security, Infrastructure Database, and others
  • Striving to achieve upper management buy-in and engagement
  • Defining and managing project scope/requirements
  • Managing and tracking project progress and status utilizing appropriate tools
  • Assigning responsible parties to specific tasks
  • Delivering project results on time and within budget
  • Ensuring deliverables meet or exceed users’ needs and expectations through frequent user validation and verification and thorough testing
  • Delivering products of high quality
  • Delivering the benefits that justified your investment