U.S.-Treasury-Depatment-Seal-JPGU.S. Treasury
WebFOCUS Support (HUBZone set-a-side)

As a prime contractor CSS provides technical expertise and support in Payment Management processes, Payment Management Operations and Maintenance (O&M), and secure Payment Management system development, implementation, and deployment. CSS, along with our partner Pichler Computing, Inc., assists Fiscal Service in sustaining the “legacy” Payment Management systems (Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) and Treasury Receivable Accounting Collection System (TRACS)) during its operational transfer to the incumbent system (Post Payment System (PPS)). Upon complete transition of operational capabilities from the legacy systems to the incumbent system, the CSS Team will support the new system and phasing out of the legacy systems. This effort will ensure the Fiscal Service utilize the state-of-the-art technology while allowing no gaps in its capabilities or services for its customer, government agencies.


maryland State of Maryland
Enterprise Budgeting System (Small Business Reserve (SBR))

CSS is supporting system development life cycle activities, including requirements specification and development of acquisition documents for products and services, as required to modernize Maryland’s Enterprise Budget System (EBS) capabilities. Specifically, Team CSS is providing personnel who apply appropriate skills, beginning with Technical Project Management, to complete data and operational requirements, and support development of EBS-related requests for proposals and supporting acquisition documents. Team CSS will augment services to include Functional Project Management; Quality Assurance Management; Project Administration; Data and Systems Architecture; Financial Systems Analysis; Personnel Systems Analysis; Technical Writing; and Implementation Planning through a formally coordinated Work Order process at the request of the State. This work includes interacting with State Agencies to capture their requirements, gathering lessons learned from other States who have implemented similar systems, and supporting market capability and implementation best-practices research.

Motor Vehicle Administration
Performed Business Intelligence and WebFOCUS Support for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Performed Business Intelligence and WebFOCUS Support for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene



Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation                                                                                                  .                      .


    • As a sub contractor to Pragmatics Inc. CSS is currently supporting the corporations Financial Institution Supervisory and Insurances applications in Java and .Net technologies, utilizing Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 database platforms
    • As a sub contractor to Data Solutions and Technology CSS is supporting the Development Tools Task Order by providing SAS and ArcGIS administration support as well as desktop solutions support
    • Under the ITAS I contract, CSS  as a sub contractor to Pragmatics Inc., provided the following support:
    • Program and Project Management
    • Oracle and SQL Server Database Management Support
    • Oracle Middleware (WebLogic) support
    • Business Objects Administration and Development Support