CSS Receives SBA WOSB Certification

CSS Received SBA WOSB Certification

A Note from CSS CEO Lisa Cusack:

I am excited to share some excellent news.  As many of you know, Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSBs) are no longer permitted to be self-certified; we are now required to certify through the Small Business Administration (SBA) or through an SBA-approved Third-Party Certifier (TPC).  I am pleased to announce that Custom Software Systems, Inc. officially received our certification from the SBA’s WOSB Federal Contracting Program!  

As an SBA-certified WOSB, we are able to continue to bid on WOSB set-aside work, as well as to pursue WOSB sole-source awards.  Maintaining this certification, along with our HUBZone certification, increases our marketability to both government agencies and large prime contractors. 

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