CSS Awarded $883,614.00 Task Order for U.S. Treasury Department, Fiscal Service (FS) PPS Support

CSS was recently awarded a 1 year extension to its U.S. Treasury Department, Fiscal Service (FS) Business Intelligence (BI) support Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). The new task order is to continue support of Fiscal Service’s Post Payment System (PPS). PPS is a multi-year development effort that will modernize and streamline post payment processes and replace legacy payment aftermath systems. CSS provides technical WebFOCUS expertise and payment aftermath subject matter expertise in support of planning, requirements, security architecture, testing, customer outreach, and for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities required for PPS major and minor release implementations.  Support for sub-sequent releases may be required through additional task orders. In addition, CSS supports PPS by providing expert knowledge of WebFOCUS architecture, security architecture, payment aftermath functions, legacy Fiscal Service post payment systems, and Fiscal Service system governance processes. WebFOCUS is an information retrieval and reporting tool created by Information Builders (IBI) and used in Business Intelligence (BI).

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