CSS Awarded $551,000.00 Task Order for U.S. Treasury Department, Fiscal Service (FS) TRACS Support

CSS was recently awarded a 1 year extension to its U.S. Treasury Department, Fiscal Service (FS) Business Intelligence (BI) support Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). This task order is to support FS’s Treasury Receivable Accounting and Collection System (TRACS). The function of the system is to provide billing, debit collection, and management for the Payment Management, Philadelphia Financial Center, Analysis, Reconciliation, and Reporting Section area of the Bureau of Fiscal Service. The TRACS System is responsible for processing and disposition of all claims against the Government for lost or stolen checks. TRACS has the additional responsibility for the accounting and reporting of Unavailable Check Cancellations, Reclamation Credits, Limited Payability Cancellations, Payments Over Cancellations and the Check Forgery Insurance Fund and any and all exception processing.
CSS provides technical and programming support in FOCUS, WebFOCUS, WebFOCUS ReportCaster BI Tools, and related activities necessary to operate and maintain TRACS batch, online, and Web applications and related applications to ensure the continued accuracy of TRACS data manipulation and processing in an “as is” steady state. In addition, we provide information technology technical support services as they relate to the financial management of applications for Payment Management. Our Team analyzes the technical and programming requirements for each mandated maintenance or infrastructure request and data fix on an as needed basis for production problem resolution. We also support new infrastructure requirements, software and database upgrades, and the Fiscal Service Payment Management, TRACS strategic plan and organizational goal requirements.

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