CSS Awarded $514,642.50 Task Order for U.S. Treasury Department, Fiscal Service (FS) TCIS Support

CSS was recently awarded a 1 year extension to its U.S. Treasury Department, Fiscal Service (FS) Business Intelligence (BI) support Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). The new task order is to continue support of Fiscal Service’s Treasury Check Information System (TCIS). The U. S. Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Payment Management, manages and operates Federal disbursement and related payment aftermath systems. The Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) application includes an online WebFOCUS query and reporting environment for Fiscal Service and Federal Agency users. TCIS queries and reports provide information for check and ACH payment data, non-receipt claims information, ACH reclamation information, and a series of WebFOCUS reporting dashboards for operational and ad-hoc reports. TCIS accesses data from several legacy applications to include Payments, Claims, and Enhanced Reconciliation (PACER), Treasury Receivables, Accounting and Collection System (TRACS), Teletrace, Pega, and Frontier. TCIS is managed by the Philadelphia Financial Center (PFC). The objective of the Task Order is to provide technical WebFOCUS expertise and payment aftermath subject matter expertise in support of TCIS changes that impact the Integrated View and WebFOCUS dashboard components. The CSS Team supports TCIS changes by providing expert knowledge of WebFOCUS architecture, security architecture, payment aftermath expertise, database design, WebFOCUS development, unit testing, and user acceptance testing support. In addition, CSS assists PFC with the evaluation of proposed changes to determine whether the change is feasible. The CSS Team assesses the enhancement value relative to business process changes, productivity gains, operational efficiencies, paper reduction, and cost savings. We also support the requirements gathering, system design, development, unit testing, user acceptance testing, and implementation planning for user change requests.

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