CSS meets with Dyntell in Debrecen, Hungary to Review Dyntell P@rtner ERP

Bob Cusack, COO of Custom Software Systems, Inc. went to Hungary in February 2015 to meet with Dyntell Corporation CEO Peter Salga to discuss the Dyntell P@rtner ERP solution and to meet with customers where it has been implemented.  P@rtner ERP is a ‘full blown’ ERP solution which can compete with other well known ERPs at a much lower overall cost (licensing, implementation and maintenance) . It has been deployed in many medium to large sized manufacturing businesses within Hungary and Romania.  CSS will be working with Dyntell to introduce their P@rtner ERP, Helix CRM and 1ClickBusiness solutions into the U.S. Market.  The links to P@rtner ERP and 1ClickBusiness are below:
Dyntell P@rtner ERP



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